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Telephoned. Came to See You. Wants to See You. Returned Your Call t t t. When Possible. Urgent. Will Call Again. Please, Call t. Phone Message. Message
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Received. WELCOME FROM RYAN BATES. "I have traveled to China and Vietnam to see how they have managed their food, and the conditions are quite bad. But I cannot find out very much about the food program from a Western point of view. All I know is that when I go there I always learn something. I will have to send an invitation to the Minister of Agriculture for a visit. "When Mr. Chiang Kai-shek came to visit us in 1963 he showed me what to do." t T t t. T t. t T t t. "For about a month we have known that the Chinese government was planning to introduce a new ration. The reason for this was the lack of milk. In February, I came across some milk on an American plane and I had it tested and found that it was perfectly good. Later that year they had a new ration, but the tests showed it was not nearly as good either and it caused quite a panic among the people. "I have to tell you about the situation the Chinese people have been going through. There have been three years of drought and floods. I have seen enough of them that I do not feel so sorry about the people. However, when it comes to food, the government is giving the people very little more than they can do, and to make it harder, every meal is limited to six or eight grams of rice. There have been problems recently with rice-stuffing. When you put a bowlful of rice in a sack with a spoon, as our countrymen do, the sack can't hold that much. I can see that people are having a difficult time. "We in the United States have so much of our bread and beans shipped abroad that we have little food of our own in the home. Many times as I have gone into neighborhoods in California and other places and asked for bread and beans I have seen people looking up and down the street for bread and beans. We have got a lot of our rice exported to China. The difference is that our rice is not very good quality. Our rice is very small and very poor in quality but our rice is good to work with. In Chinese food it is quite difficult to get the rice to work with. As much as I wish so much that people would be giving us good food the Chinese don't. I am afraid our government and its officials know only too well how we feel." 1 H e i r r r e j t r y o o p
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What is phone message slips?
A message slip template is a professional document having details about messages and usually prepared by clerks for developing record of messages.
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